A contract is a legally enforceable agreement which creates an obligation between two or more parties. Contracts are an intricate part of our society and can become immensely complex increasing the need for sound legal advice.

Most people enter into contracts more frequently than they may realize. In almost all business dealings, whenever a company agrees to take an action or make a payment in exchange for anything of value, a legal contract has been created. Some of the more common contracts include purchase orders, bills of sale, and employment agreements.

The rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations of all of the parties to a contract must be clearly expressed. Ideally, a reasonably intelligent and objective third party should be able to independently review a contract and generally comprehend its terms, conditions, and provisions.

The Helliwell Law Firm provides experience and qualified counsel to assist you in competently and efficiently resolving your contract matters. We handle virtually all aspects of contracts including: drafting, interpreting, and litigating business contracts, employment contracts, buy-sell agreements, real estate contracts, licensing agreements, and any other business-related contracts.

The Helliwell Law Firm is happy to assist you with the preparation and interpretation of your contracts. Please feel free to contact our office to schedule a legal consultation.


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